Monday, September 30, 2013

Books & Cookies: Part 2

We just finished up another session of Prime Time Family Reading Time. I don't know who is more excited for this program, me or the kiddies, but it's probably me :) 


This time, I had my first Pintrest Fail! I found apple pie cookies that were perfect for the book Down the Road, but when I made them they spread out and just looked unappetizing. However, we still used them at home with ice cream on top and they were yummier than they looked! 

The witch's broomstick cookies I made for The Widow's Broom turned out much better!  


The next week I attempted to make natural orange frosting for the book The Big Orange Splot. I added orange juice and carrots to homemade frosting. It tasted more orange than it looked :)


 In the book The Rough-Face Girl, the Invisible Being's bow is the rainbow, so I made Rainbow Cookies. I usually try to cook without dyes, but these cookies are so cute, I went for it anyway. The recipe is here.


For the final week, I broke out of the cookie routine to make "sky" jello with whip cream clouds. Although the recipe calls for whipping cream, I cheated and used cool whip, which worked just fine! Just remember to leave enough time for the jello to set!

I would recommend all these great books to those of you with kiddies - or those who like children's literature! 

As always, find the books and recipes - and more! - on my Pintrest Children's Book Character page. Some of the unused ideas are there too!

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