Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Confession: Last Sunday was a delight!

In a previous blog post I complained that Sundays and grocery shopping were rough....but I have a confession, last Sunday's trip to the grocery store was actually fun.

First my kids found what we call a "sitting cart." It's a cart that has a seat attached for younger children who are too big for the seat on the front of the cart. So I was pushing 65 pounds of 8 year old and 45 pounds of 5 year old in addition to the cart and groceries - but they were well behaved!

As we ended the trip and were walking past the Halloween items Greyson said, "Mom, we got to think about Christmas!" Christmas? Where was this going? "What about Christmas?" "You know, what kind of tree we're going to a white pine? Because you know the white pine is the state tree of Michigan!" Oh yeah, my lessons on Michigan pride are kicking in!

I think the highlight of the trip for them was picking up the discarded lottery cards by the lottery machine, to which they proceed to scratch off all left over spots. Greyson exclaimed, "I won $250,000!" Grant said, "No YOU did not win $250,000 - you have to share it with the fam-a-ly." Love these kids!

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