Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My kids love wineries

Yes, you read correctly. My kids do love wineries. When I first realized this, I was a little embarrassed. But then I realized that I spent a little time in bars when I was younger...and I think I turned out alright! Also, what do they think wineries are but a place to drink grape juice, eat good food, and run around outside.

Although we live in Michigan and I try to be a supporter of the state wine industry, my kids have only been to Ohio wineries. Did you know that in the late 1800's Ohio was the largest wine producer in the US and is now 8th in wine production. (Michigan has the 4th largest grape crop in the US).

One of the wineries we went to twice this summer was Barrel Run Crossing in Rootstown, Ohio.
Here they are having the most fun ever...climbing on the propane tank. But the adults also had a great time with the wines, ciders and local foods. Look at this yummy stuffed squash my husband ordered.

They also love the wineries in Put-In-Bay. They had grape juice at the Put-In-Bay Winery.

But the place they were really dying to go was Heineman's Winery. They claim Heineman's makes the best grape juice! This is also the first winery they had ever been to, and as of now, the most recent they've been to. Besides offering a winery tour that including lots of information on how they make their wine you can tour the Crystal Cave which is the world's largest geode!

Well, I guess you can think I'm a bad mom if you want, but my kids still love wineries!

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