Friday, January 27, 2012

Thankful for my fridge

I have decided that every time I think I have nothing to be thankful for, I will be thankful for my refrigerator. No lie, my fridge is the symbol of all that is good in my life. There is always food in it. My kids, and I, have never known true hunger. We've never gone more than a few hours in our lives without food. Because it's "on," I've paid my bills. Even though my husband and I have been unexpectedly unemployed, I've never had a late bill. I have a place to put my fridge. My house is more than adequate for the needs of my family. I have a calendar on my fridge where I mark down things I'm looking forward too. My kids artwork and school assigments hang on my fridge, reminding me that they are happy, healthy, smart and safe. I have photos of many of you & your kids on my fridge, letting me know there are people that I truly care about and that care about me. Thank you God for my refrigerator.

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