Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Onward February

So we made a budget and stuck to it for the first month. Now starting month two.
I am flabbergasted that the 2nd highest item on our monthly budget is food (the highest being rent). We've budgeted $1,000 a month and that is only grocery shopping and eating out ONCE a week. It seems incredible, but the food here is more expensive than what we are used to. We pay $3.99 for a gallon of milk when it is ON SALE! Otherwise, it feels good to be on the same page as Alex about where our money is going.

My February resolutions include a weight loss contest with Alex and doing my devotion book every day. We haven't gotten a family photo yet, so we need to get on that for this month!

Otherwise, we're about to get into the deep of Mardi Gras! We've been to a few uptown parades and this weekend is guaranteed to be packed full of parades. The kids have the whole week off of school next week and I am super glad I am at least going into work Thursday!

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