Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a New Year

Okay, it's been a while!

First we had the busy holiday season, starting with a drive to Ohio for the Thanksgiving week, continuing with another drive to Ohio & Michigan for Christmas week and ending with my sister Marie staying with us the week after New Years.

What can I say? It was hard to get into a holiday mood with the warm temperatures in December down here! The leaves didn't even change colors until the first week of December. Currently we are in the middle of a long drizzly cold(er) spell.

Now we're starting to get back into the swing of things including starting back up with kid's date night and swimming. I also signed Greyson up for the Edible School Yard Garden Club and Grant up for Yoga on Wednesdays after school, so we'll see how those go. We did Prime Time Family reading time in the fall and are looking forward to that starting up again at school after Mardi Gras.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, we went to our first parade last week. A 12th Night/Joan of Arc parade. It was small (over quick) and not crowded, so it was perfect for easing our way into the parade season.

I made some resolutions for the New Year. The first was for at least one GOOD family picture every month. I went to make our Christmas card and realized that even though we had family pictures, there wasn't one good enough to print as a card. I found one that was too dark, one that was too light and one that was slightly blurry and we had 3 small photos on our card. I'm hoping to have a lot more to pick from when December rolls around again.

My next resolution was to do smaller monthly resolutions. For January it was to make a budget with Alex, which we did last week. And so far (for the week) we've stuck to it. Now to continue!

Thanks for stopping by! I am hoping to at least get back to monthly posts - maybe more often if my kids are funny ;)

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