Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter was a pretty good day, so I'd like to share it with you!

We started out with the kiddies invading our room at about 6:30, yes the same kids I have to DRAG out of bed at 7 on school mornings! After they lay in bed with us for a while, Greyson says, "Get up so we can look for eggs and look in our baskets!" After thinking 'Yes! They know they need to wait for us so we can see the joy on their faces when they look at everything,' I say, "Go ahead and find the hidden eggs and then we'll be out."

Baskets held Michigan tee shirts, chocolate and a few small toys for the kiddies. After going through his basket, Greyson famously announces, "Is the Easter Bunny on a budget too? Easter seems smaller!" And the real truth behind that statement is Aunt Marie wasn't here to go overboard on candy this year! I'm hesitant to buy a lot of candy when the kids have ONE PIECE after dinner! But my husband also surprised me with caramel kisses and mini Heath bars.

Then it was off to church. I have to say that normally I enjoy a contemporary service, but holidays (Easter & Christmas) leave me longing for the older fashioned hymns. So, in my mind all day long I was humming the words to "Up from the Grave" and "He Lives!"

Church was also full of activities. An Easter egg hunt followed the service and Grant was super excited to fill his basket while Greyson had fun beforehand filling the eggs and hiding them. Then there was a balloon release which filled the cloudy sky with bright colors soaring upward. There was also a flowering of the cross which decorates a cross with ... flowers!

 After church we had a lunch of lasagna which turned out great. Everyone was happy, and that's hard to do at our house. Even picky Grant eat some for the first time ever.

After the kiddies got their "electronics" fill we ventured out to the Botanical Garden at City Park. We became "Friends of City Park" members this year and that gave us free admission. While it was very interesting, I will think twice before taking my kids again. They wanted to TOUCH everything! I'm sure you're not supposed to touch every cactus you walk by or try to plug the electrical outlets together outside. Oh my goodness, I'm tired thinking back to that day! It was also hot, bordering on 80 degrees, so I'm sure that helped zap the patience out of me too.

For dinner we followed our tradition of going to Magazine Pizza. Last year we drove around trying to find a pizza place that was open - to satisfy the kiddies - and ran across Magazine Pizza, although my husband had been there before. Grant declared it the best pizza in New Orleans! Both him and I finished our individual pizzas while Alex and Greyson only eat about half of their carnivore pizza.

And because it's the beginning of the month.....
I found I do much better with my fitness goals when I post them on here.
In March I ran almost 66 miles, my 2nd highest month! However, I am making it my goal in April to get more weights in. I do a circuit training video when I can't get outside (weather or no one to watch the kiddies), but I am going to make an effort to do that every other day and run on the opposite days.
I said last month I wanted to lose 1 pound and lost 2.5. Yea! So now I have 3 pounds to lose before we get an onslaught of visitors in May, which of course means eating out. This should equal losing 3lbs in 6 weeks, so it should be do-able!

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