Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wedding Fun

So I think I promised you some funny stories....
Yesterday we went to a wedding. On the way we picked up Megann and Lindsay and we decided to stop at Bronner's Christmas Store in Frankenmouth. I have to admit that we were running later than I originally planned (and yes, it was me being late) so we only had 20 minutes to get in and out of the store. If you've been there before you know it's HUGE. The idea was that we were each going to pick out an ornament for the newlyweds tree for Christmas. I picked out an ornament with 2 hearts that said something like "Happily Ever After." Megann picked out a camping ornament since the bride and groom like to hike and camp. My kids.....picked out wine bottle ornaments. Yep, my underage-ers thought these were great. Lindsay picked out a cheesecake ornament, which of course goes well with wine bottles!
The wedding was held at Dow Gardens and afterwards Greyson was precariously checking out a pond next to the ceremony site. Megann asked me about it and I said I brought extra clothes. "For Greyson?" (He's 8) "Oh, I brought them for the whole family."
At the reception I found out I have a very talented 5 year old. There are witness accounts of him break dancing to the country favorite Cotton Eyed Joe. I did capture the following video of his dancing abilities with the song Raise Your Glass.
On the way to and from the wedding Greyson kept us amused by playing the Truth or Dare game on his Ipod. Lindsay started out the hilarity by answering the question: Could you be a vegetarian? Why or why not? with "No, because I love bacon." My kids think "bacon" is hilarious. So when there were "pick your own dare" for another person the dare was always to roll down your window and yell "BACON" as loud as you can. Yep, the same kids who are fascinated with wine bottles are fascinated with the word bacon.
The last truth question that Grant had was "What seat would you choose on a bus?" He answered, "The clean one." And I think because we were laughing so hard he added, "with footrests."

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