Monday, August 29, 2011

Sundays are LoooooooooooooNG

Yesterday was the stuff blogs are made of.

Sundays tend to be "long" days because they are unstructured. Yesterday I thought we were doing good, we got through the morning with no yelling....until I tried to walk out the door. Then Grant is yelling because he wants Greyson's DS since Grant's DS is "dead." And I'm yelling because no one knows where a charger is. And then we're in the car and I'm swearing at my kids on the way to church.

After lunch we went through toys. My kids have decided to have a yard sale to sell their old toys so they can get something big, like a Wii. This is their idea, and yet I'm the one who ends up doing all the work. As we are going through the toys, for 75% of them Greyson is saying "sell" and Grant turns around and says "keep." In the middle of all this chaos, Greyson picks up a nerf gun (and those who know me, know I loath nerf guns) and proceeds to shoot my head point blank. Yes, I experienced regressive pull and the next words that came out of my mouth were, "I hate you." Greyson smiles and says, "You told me you loved me this morning!" My 8 year old suffered no self-esteem damage on that one!

Sundays also tend to be grocery shopping days. For those who say, "I never go grocery shopping with my kids," you can stuff it! My husband works 800 miles away, I have no family nearby, and I have already paid more for child care this summer than my mortgage. (I am not exaggerating either). So my only option, as I see it, is to take the kids. This particular shopping trip ended with Grant sprinting across the produce section with Greyson hot on his heels until Grant was tackled and Greyson sat on him until I made it over to them. All because Grant "stole" A m&m from the bulk bin.

And it continues....we next pick up this saga in the shower where I hear, "Grant you know mom is gonna yell if you spray water on the ceiling." Sure enough, I walk in to see water dripping from the ceiling.....

I decide for story time it's MY pick and I pick MY favorite book Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. Afterward I told my bunk bed kids that they cannot sleep in the same bed because of their behavior today. To which Greyson says, "Let's give mom the finger." Both kids stuck out their pointer fingers and shook them at me.

After they were snug in bed, I cut myself a slice of birthday cake and poured a non-kid appropriate drink!

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